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The time is such that every individual in the society is the owner of a smartphone which possess every facility possible. The availability of such facilities has become very important in day to day lives of the people. Smartphones basically the android is very famous amongst the entire youngster which is not just for the show-off. There are multiple apps for a different use that a person can download on his android and can use the smartphones in the best possible ways. The quick and important use of the phone comes when they have to search for something and look after some websites. The other things on the mobile can be done later also. In this regards, people tend to download two important apps which helps them and make the browsing on the internet very quick and easy.  The two default or most downloaded apps are the Google Chrome and Opera mini. Both of these apps are very old and can be found in most of the smartphones handled by the person. The only thing that these apps lack is that they are not from Indian origin and thus not so famous among the Indians due to the reason of the language barrier.  

If most of the smartphones users are in India then something should be there on the phone for them so that it becomes easier for every individual to use according to themselves. In the solution to this problem the largest digital company of India, Reliance communication has launched an Indian app and has given the biggest gift of the New Year to the Indians. The smartphone users can now come over the old apps for browsing the internet and can enjoy the new and latest app for the same. Reliance digital launched Jio and in the extension, they have launched a Jio browser. The first Indian browser in the market and is already used by number of people. 

In this situation that first question or the query that arises in the mind of the person is that in order to use the Jio browser app the person should have a Jio connection and other jio apps. The answer to this question is that there is no such requirement to use the Jio browser. It can be downloaded and used in any 4G smartphones even the smartphone user does not have the Jio connection. This was the first and the most important feature of the Jio browser app. At present, it is available only for the android users and for other mobiles it is under development. 

Discussing further the Jio browser there is one more important feature in the app which is completely according to the life of the Indians. Most of the time Indians are recognized by their language and they feel comfortable in the same. Keeping this in mind, the Jio browser is developed in such a manner that it can be used in eight different regional Indian languages. The languages are Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. If we look after the languages, it has almost covered the whole of India. The above mentioned two features of the browser are very much connected to the mind-set of the Indian citizens as none of them would prefer to have a different connection just to run a browser and the most comfortable with the person who speaks the same language.
Moving forward, discussing the Jio browser in terms of the digital advancement then there are a lot of things to bring in the limelight. We will start with the space that this app would acquire on the phone. This app is very lightweight and thus requires very low memory on the phone. The amount of space that the app requires is just 4.8 Mb. This is so small as compared to other web browsers. In some situations, people wish to search something or browse something on the internet which is very private and they do want that it should be tracked by any other person or get saved in the data of the browser and this problem is solved in the Jiobrowser. The users of Jio browser can enjoy the private browsing in the incognito mode which is supported by the app.
The homepage of the Jio web browser is also very interesting and not blank like other web browsers. Once the web browser user opens the app on the phone he will get to see the latest news updates related to politics, sports, entertainment, technology and many more. The person can tap on any news as per his choice and can get the details of the same. The above-mentioned feature helps the user to read the latest news but there is the dedicated section on the web browser for the video news update. In this section of the web browser, a person can listen and watch the latest news. By default, the news that the user gets to see or read is national or international news but the person can also get the updates about his locality. There is an option of local news category in the browser which can be selected and the person can get the updates about his neighbourhood. 

There is lots of time wasted in typing the context which the person wishes to browse on the internet and thus the work cannot be completed in the fast mode. In order to overcome this problem, the Jio web browser has come up with the voice input support through which relevant search result can be fetched on the basis of the user's voice command. This makes the work little faster and comfortable for the person if he has hurt his hand. 

Every browser has its own display text size and the people have to follow the same but in case the person is using the Jio browser he can set the text size as per his requirement. The Jio browser also gives the facility to bookmark any of the sites and share the link with their contacts.    

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